June 7, 2021







The Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company (PRIDCO) is soliciting design firms (Consultants) with expertise in appropriate design, permitting and services during construction for building improvements located at PRIDCO Headquarters in the Municipality of San Juan (hereinafter “Project”).  The Consultant selected must have the ability to provide the full range of services or to team with sub consultants necessary to complete the design, permitting and construction services.

The selection process shall include review of proposals for Design, Permitting & Services during Construction Services by the PRIDCO Selection Committee.

You are invited to submit a proposal to:

Edgardo Lugo


Building Maintenance Division

355 FD Roosevelt Avenue

Hato Rey, PR 00918


Copies Required: One unbound original of your proposal, two (2) copies and a digital copy (CD or USB drive), including separate cost proposal for Services during Construction work signed by an authorized representative, shall be delivered to: BUILDING MAINTENANCE DIVISION, 355 F.D. ROOSEVELT AVENUE, ROOM 302, HATO REY PR 00918, ON OR BEFORE JULY 1, 2021 AT 11:00 AM.  All copies of the proposals must be under sealed cover and plainly marked as “Design, Permitting and Services during Construction for Building Improvements at PRIDCO Headquarters, Project S-1340-0-82-00.”

Failure to submit any of the required documents specified herein may result in disqualification or rejection of a Bid Proposal.  Site visit will be scheduled on Thursday, June 17, 2021, at 10:00 am and is compulsory.


PRIDCO has recently agreed with FEMA to complete a series of works to improve the building damaged during Hurricane María. The construction will meet all applicable codes and regulations.  Please refer to the documents provided to see the areas suggested (Exhibit A).  PRIDCO will provide access to building drawings and other documents related to the project.


This Request for Proposal (RFP) is for the design, permitting and construction services of building improvements.  The project will include various projects damaged by high winds and wind-borne debris due to Hurricane María. The construction of the area will meet all applicable codes and regulations.  The services to be provided to PRIDCO are outlined below. 

Building Improvements

  1. A new design to remove and install nineteen (19) new plexiglass skylight domes, 9 ft. long X 9 ft. wide, detached by high winds and impacted by wind-borne debris.  Domes shall be equal or approved equal to existing skylight domes.

  1. A new design to remove and install a new aluminum and glass fixed wall panels (as storefront) at four lobby areas of parking lot, levels 6 and 7.  Approximately area is 75 ft. long x 13.75 ft. high.  Change the storefront material from 3/8” tempered glass to ½” tempered glass.

  1. A new design to remove and install two (2) new plexiglass curved domes, 3 ft. long X 6 ft. wide at parking lot roof level, detached by high winds and impacted by wind-borne debris. 

  1. Prepare specs to install approximately 3,600 sf of bird netting mesh at roof level over building courtyard, partially detached and damaged by high winds.
  2. Prepare specs to anchor the supply/ exhaust fans and galvanized sheet metal duct exhaust system, 75 ft. long with the following components:
  1. Chemical Anchoring, for fasteners ¾” diam. X 6” embedment (Qty: 42 ea.)
  2. Stainless Steel Anchor bolts, hooked type, single, ¾” diameter x 8” long (Qty: 42 ea.)
  3. Stainless Steel wire rope, fiber core, ¼” diameter (Qty: 378 ea.)
  4. Stainless Steel wire rope thimble, heavy duty, ¼” (Qty: 42 ea.)
  5. Stainless Steel wire rope tumbuckle, jaw and jaw, ¼” x 4” (Qty: 21 ea.)
  6. Stainless Steel wire rope clip, ¼” diameter (Qty: 63 ea.)

Design & Construction Services

All proposals are expected, at minimum, to provide the following:

  1. Prepare as-built drawings of the existing area necessary for project design.

  1. Complete Turnkey Design (Architectural, MEP, Fire Protection, Others as necessary)

  1. Prepare a preliminary project schedule that delineates the design approach.  Illustrate key milestone dates for phase design and construction.

  1. Facilitate design development process.

  1. Prepare preliminary design and construction drawings and specifications (per Applicable Code Standards) suitable for the bidding phase of the project.

  1. Prepare a cost estimate for the owner review and bidding phase of the project. The cost estimate should be detailed, not based as a lump sum. 

  1. Services during bid process and construction phase for the improvements in the front façade.


Based on the PRIDCO’s understanding of the scope of services for the project, your written proposal should include at a minimum the following information:

  1. Provide a general description of Consultant and any sub-consultants.

  1. Consultant’s understanding of the scope of services required for the project plus any refinements your firm feels are warranted.

  1. Relevant experience of the Consultant and sub-consultants including dates of past projects and who on the project team had direct involvement in the project, and illustrative samples. A one-page resume that includes a list of Projects completed by each staff member should be provided. 

  1. Consultant’s approach to the project. Highlight any innovative ideas Consultant may have to reduce costs or produce a better product.

  1. Consultant’s understanding of the issues which may impact the projects schedule of cost.

  1. Consultant Project team qualifications, identification of who on the team will be the PRIDCO’s direct contact for the project, and ability to provide a registration seal for each separate engineering and architectural discipline.

  1. Any objections or exceptions to requirements in the RFP.

  1. Project Schedule: Provide a preliminary Project schedule that delineates the design phase approach. Illustrate key milestone dates for phase design (30%, 60%, final) deliverables and owner review.

  1. Consultant must be part of Registro Único de Profesionales (RUP), from Administración de Servicios Generales (ASG).


  1. PRIDCO will provide Consultant with access to building plans, conceptual drawings, records, studies, plans and other documents relating to the project. 


  1. Consultant

The consultant is Not an Employee of PRIDCO.  It is understood that the selected Proponent will not act, under a contract entered as a result of the RFP, in any manner as an employee of PRIDCO, but solely as an independent Consultant.  PRIDCO will not, under any circumstances, be liable to the consultant(s) or any person or persons acting for or under it for any death, injury, or property damage received or claimed, unless such liability arises by virtue of negligence by PRIDCO, their respective officers, agents, or employees.

B. Indemnification and Hold Harmless

Specifically regarding design professional negligent errors or omissions, the Consultant shall indemnify, hold harmless, and defend PRIDCO, its Board, officers, officials, employees, volunteers or agents, from any and all loss, liability, costs and damages (whether in contract, tort or strict liability, including but not limited to personal injury, death at any time and property damage) incurred by PRIDCO, the Consultant or any other person, and from any and all claims, demands and actions in law or equity (including reasonable attorney’s fees and litigation expenses) incurred by PRIDCO, the Consultant, or any other person, to the proportionate extent that it arises out of or in connection with claims that arise out of, pertain to, or relate to the negligence, recklessness, or willful misconduct of the design professional negligent errors or omissions of the Consultant in the performance of this contract.

If the Consultant should subcontract all or any portion of the work to be performed under this agreement, the Consultant shall require each Sub-Consultant to indemnify, hold harmless and defend PRIDCO, it’s Board, officers, officials, employees and agents in accordance with the terms of the preceding paragraphs.

  1. Assignment and Sub-Contracting

It is prohibited to assign or sub-contract the whole or any portion of the Work without the prior consent in writing of the Client.  This requirement will be strictly applied and any disregard of it by the Contractor will be treated as a ground for immediate termination of the contract without prejudice to any other remedies and/or indemnifications.

  1. Non-disclosure agreement:

The Request for Proposal documents and any addenda thereto are to be regarded as confidential and may not be reproduced or disclosed in whole or in part by the Contractor other than for the purposes of preparing and submitting the Proposal.  The Request for Proposal documents and any addenda thereto shall remain the property of PRIDCO.  The Contractor shall not make any public announcements relating to the Bid or the information contained in this Invitation to Bid without the prior written consent of PRIDCO.

Information concerning the business of PRIDCO which becomes accessible, or known, to the Contractor, its employees or sub-contractors including, but not limited to, financial information, customers, customer lists, business plans, operational plans, data and computer programs, manufacturing processes, engineering/technical data, design process, pricing, research and development, strategic plans, and operating data shall be considered Confidential and Proprietary information of PRIDCO and must not be disclosed to individuals outside of your organization without the prior written approval from PRIDCO.

  1. Insurance Requirements

Throughout the life of this Contract, the Consultant shall pay for and maintain in full force and effect with an insurance company(s) (Company) admitted by the Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner to do business in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico the following policies of insurance:

PROFESSIONAL ERRORS AND OMISSIONS, Not less than $1,000,000 per Occurrence. /$2,000,000 Aggregate. (2 yr discovery and reporting tail period coverage). Certificate of Insurance only required.

COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY insurance, $5,000,000 combine single limit.  (Including Contractor All Risk Insurance and Third-Party Liability Insurance)

COMMERCIAL (BUSINESS) AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY insurance, endorsed for “any auto” with combined single limits of liability of not less than $5,000,000 each occurrence, $5,000,000.00 aggregate.

WORKERS’ COMPENSATION Insurance as required under the Puerto Rico Labor Code, and Employers Liability Insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 per accident/injury/disease, statutory limits, whichever is greater.

Right of Rejection

PRIDCO reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and the right to elect not to proceed with the project.

Product Ownership

Any documents or drawings or reports as well as the intellectual services resulting from the contract will be the property of PRIDCO.  All drawings documents shall be delivered in hard copy and in a compact disc (CD) in an editable AutoCAD format (.dwg). All construction specifications and other documents shall be delivered in hard copy and in a compact disc (CD) in an editable MS Word format (.doc).

Licensing Requirements

Any professional or business licenses required will be the sole cost and responsibility of the Consultant.

Proposal Development Costs

The cost of preparing and submitting a proposal is the sole responsibility of the proponent and shall not be chargeable in any manner to the PRIDCO.

Additional Information

For additional information, please contact Mr. Edgardo Lugo, Building Maintenance Division Manager–at (787) 758-4747 Ext – 3311 / 787 - 403 - 2499 or Mrs. Yizell Domínguez, Building Maintenance Supervisor at Ext. 3309.



  1. Evaluation Criteria

An evaluation committee, which may be comprised of PRIDCO’s members, will review and evaluate technical proposals against the following criteria:

  • Understanding of PRIDCO’s Goals: Does the Consultant understand the Project parameters?

  • Staff: Do the qualifications of key personnel to be assigned to the Project coincide with Project’s requirements? Do assigned personnel have requisite education, experience, and professional qualifications?

  • Specific Management Approach: How does the Consultant intend to achieve the PRIDCO’s budget and time goals for the Project? How will the Consultant apply its management techniques and resources? Discuss such factors as:
  • Project management and team organization
  • Quality control
  • Schedule control
  • Budget control (experience of cost estimator)
  • Relations with sub-consultants

  • Experience: Has the Consultant demonstrated the ability to successfully provide services for projects of a similar complexity and size? Does the Consultant have experience with public services projects?

  • Organization: Are the qualifications of the Consultant’s personnel suitable for the Project; and does the Consultant’s organizational structure show enough depth for its present workload?

  • Reputation: Are the Consultant’s references from past clients and associates favorable; and does the Consultant show financial and operational stability?

  • Services Offered: Does the Consultant offer the breadth and quality of services required for the Project?

  • Pre-Construction Services: Does Consultant have ability to provide pre-construction services, including estimating, scheduling, constructability review, bidding strategies, and value engineering?
  • Relevant Design & Permitting Experience

  • Financial capability to guarantee negotiated cost and bear expenses above that cost.

  1. Consultant Selection Procedures

  • At completion of the proposal review process, Consultants will be ranked, and the three (3) most highly qualified Consultants will form a “short list.” The lowest bidder may not be the selected Consultant.

  • Consultants on the short list will be asked to formally present their proposal to PRIDCO and respond to interviewer questions. Following presentation/interviews, the evaluation committee will complete its ranking. Final selection will be made based on a combination of qualifications and cost, with the emphasis on qualifications. PRIDCO is not looking for the lowest bidder, rather a business partner. The evaluation committee will make a recommendation to the PRIDCO’s Board for final decision. The presentation and interview session will not exceed one hour per Consultant.

  • Following successful negotiations with the selected Consultant, a contract will be drafted and then referred to the PRIDCO’s Board for final approval.


PRIDCO believes the Consultant selection schedule will be as follows:

RFP Issued:                                                                   Thursday, June 10, 2021

Site Visit and Presentation (MANDATORY):                  Thursday, June 17, 2021, 10:00 AM

Questions Due:                                                            Thursday, Jun 24, 2021, until 12:00 PM

Proposals due:                                                             Thursday, July 1, 2021, at 11:00 AM

Selection/Short-list:                                                     Thursday, July 8, 2021

Consultant Short-list Interviews:                                   Thursday, July 15, 2021

Revised Proposals:                                                      Thursday, July 22, 2021

Recommendation for Selection will be:                      Tuesday August 3, 2021

Questions shall be delivered by electronic mail. All requests for interpretation shall be brought to the attention of PRIDCO in writing no later than Question Due date, indicated above. Questions should be addressed to:

Mr. Edgardo Lugo Arrufat / Mrs. Yizell Domínguez Cortés

Manager / Supervisor

Building Maintenance Division /