A diversified, multi-sectoral local and regional economy, with a robust, innovative, export-oriented local sector and the capacity to join global supply chains.


An agile and competitive entrepreneurial ecosystem, in which businesses can innovate and adjust to being more competitive, backed by access to capital programs, incentives and other benefits to driving the entrepreneurial spirit and the growth of local businesses.

Competitive citizens

Excellent human capital with knowledge, leadership and high-quality management capabilities, aligned with global tendencies and sectorial needs.

Advanced infrastructure

Sustainable, innovative and resilient infrastructure to be the base of all other pillars of economic development. At the same time, to have an alternative energy infrastructure that diversifies its consumption and uses renewable non-fossil natural resources.

Social wellbeing

Livable and safe communities, with urban spaces of coexistence and green areas for the social interaction of individuals and businesses.

How can I contribute to Puerto Rico’s economic development?

An effective plan needs actionable elements to generate change. Through a collaborative effort, we can share ideas, knowledge and solutions that contribute directly to the economic development of Puerto Rico. Therefore, your contribution is essential in creating a robust plan.

Join PRopósito!

We yearn for a robust, resilient and inclusive economy that promotes the community's economic well-being and a better quality of life for all. To achieve this, we need the execution of the public and private sectors, and the empowerment, responsibility and commitment of each citizen of our Island.


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PRopósito is an integrated and collaborative project for our Island, which takes into consideration the lessons learned from the past and is implemented in conjunction with private companies, non-profit organizations, business associations and government entities. It is a strategic framework that will establish the basis for Puerto Rico's economic development, it is the product of deliberation and the goodwill of representatives of many sectors of our socio-economic endeavor, working with the spirit and intention of all of us together to achieve the objectives we seek. A strategic framework for economic development that transcends the years and government administrations, to achieve the consistency required to reach the common goal: to be the island of choice of the world.

A Strategic Framework is a method used to define where an organization or government is, how far it wants to go and the path it must follow to achieve its goals. To establish a strategic framework, it is necessary to establish a vision and identify the specific guidelines that indicate the path to success. This strategic framework defines the route we want to follow, but it is flexible and includes inputs from the various players so that, at the end of the road, we can develop an economic plan that transcends changes of administrations.

In the case of PRopósito, our vision is: to be the island of choice of the world. The pillars that give life to this vision are integration, entrepreneurship, competitive citizens, advanced infrastructure and social wellbeing, as explained in the chart. Subsequently, we will visit different parts of Puerto Rico to gather input from the people around these pillars and then, develop a plan that gathers the best ideas to fulfill our vision.

The first difference is that PRopósito is not a plan, it is a strategic framework. Another big difference is that we will gather input from all sectors: private sector, public sector, academia, trade unions, non-profit organizations, labor unions and every individual that offers us their ideas before developing the final framework. This has never been done before in Puerto Rico.

The third difference is that PRopósito is proposing the creation of a structure that will be responsible for the development and implementation of the necessary strategies, and that will be in charge of following up on their execution. The plan that is finally developed should be implemented and transcends government administrations, to achieve the consistency required to reach the common goal.

We will visit different parts of the Island, to talk with the people and gather their ideas, so when you hear that we are in your region, we invite you to come and offer us your point of view. Also, we created a web page where you can read in detail everything that this strategic framework proposes. This website also offers the opportunity for you to comment and share your ideas with us. Visit so you can be part of the transformation we all yearn for.