The Department of Economic Development and Commerce Supports HPE’s Initiative to Provide Resiliency and Stability to their Operations

The Department of Economic Development and Commerce Supports HPE’s Initiative to Provide Resiliency and Stability to their Operations

The Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Commerce, Manuel Cidre Miranda, announced today that Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has been granted exemption covering the production, sale, and operation of Highly Efficient Energy, including combined heat and power systems operated by liquefied natural gas (LNG) or renewable liquified natural gas (RLNG), on a commercial scale. This incentive has been granted as an investment in disaster resiliency at the site and a sign of their commitment to Puerto Rico.

HPE is breaking ground on a new, renewable liquefied natural gas (RLNG) power cogeneration plant at its Aguadilla manufacturing facility to harden their defenses against hurricanes, while doing so in an environmentally responsible way that will benefit the local economy for years to come. The RLNG power cogeneration plant is intended to improve business continuity and resiliency at the site, which is vulnerable to extreme weather events – increasingly so due to climate change. The plant can provide power to the entire campus, reducing HPE’s reliance on the public electric grid and stabilizing their primary power source – particularly in an emergency. The plant is of economic benefit to the region, with the design and construction sourced locally for the project, and the ongoing procurement of natural gas from local sources.

The plant reflects HPE’s commitment to environmental sustainability and fighting climate change since it is 100% renewable and a lower-carbon source of energy. The plant is also highly efficient, it recaptures waste heat, and will save 2.2 million gallons of fresh water and 800 million gallons of salt water each year.

“We appreciate the continued commitment that HPE has demonstrated with Puerto Rico, dating back to the 1980’s. HPE currently employs over 730 highly- skilled Puerto Ricans, of which 80 percent has been with HPE for more than five years. This investment in disaster resiliency at the site is a sign of their commitment to the island and their workforce. We want to encourage companies like HPE to stay in the Island and grow their operations by providing opportunities for well-paid skilled labor in Puerto Rico, as our workers deserve,” Cidre Miranda said.

“The Government of Puerto Rico supports HPE´s initiative to provide resiliency and strength to their operation, thus guaranteeing continuity of their business. Puerto Rico is willing to cooperate with local and foreign companies, by providing assistance and support to expand operations and provide well-paid employment to our strong skilled workforce with manufacturing knowledge and expertise. We encourage other companies to come to Puerto Rico and take advantage of all the business opportunities that we offer, Puerto Rico is open for business”, Governor Pedro Pierluisi said about HPE’s initiative. 

“Our operations in Aguadilla are a strategic advantage for HPE’s supply chain and manufacturing operations, and our investment in this lower carbon cogeneration plant will help strengthen the facility’s resilience against extreme weather events,” said Mark Bakker, General Manager of Global Operations for HPE. “I want to thank Governor Pierluisi, Secretary Cidre and Mayor Roldan for their partnership and dedication to attracting and retaining skilled manufacturing jobs on the island.”

HPE´s facility in Aguadilla is a critical specialty manufacturing and supply chain operations hub for their hardware and software businesses. In particular, the site provides end to end integrated software lifecycle management and fulfillment. To continue to benefit from doing business in Puerto Rico, they are investing to make sure that the site is resilient in the face of disaster.