Notice about the 2016 WIOA State Unified Plan


One of the cornerstone initiatives of the current administration is to foster Puerto Rico’s economic development through job creation. Whether you’re looking for workers or looking for a job, there are many efforts in place to help you find employers or get employed.


Hiring new employees is a sure sign that your business is growing. And by creating new jobs, you’re also helping the economy of Puerto Rico. We offer a series of employment incentives to make this easier for you:

The Jobs Now Act

This law seeks to promote the creation of 50,000 new jobs in Puerto Rico by offering the following incentives and benefits to eligible employers:


  • Energy credits

  • Property tax exemption

  • Deduction of operational net losses

  • Temporary exemption on municipal patents

  • Discounts on State Insurance Fund Corporation premiums

  • Financing by the Bank for Economic Development, subject to eligibility

  • Reimbursement of the exportation cost of products manufactured in Puerto Rico

Human Resources

  • Partial salary refunds

  • Payment of scaled Christmas bonus

Real Estate

  • Rentals of PRIDCO properties and regional storage facilities

  • Special deduction for expenses in properties rented to the Puerto Rico Industrial Development Company and regional storage facilities to the Commerce and Exportation Company

  • Exemption on non-real estate property

Learn more and see if your business qualifies for the Jobs Now Act.

Tweet My Jobs

Use the power and reach of social media to find and recruit targeted and qualified candidates for your positions faster and easier. Simply post your openings and Tweet My Jobs will distribute them across Twitter, Facebook, job aggregator sites and to job seekers via email and to their mobile phones.

Learn more and post your jobs here.


These initiatives have created new employment opportunities for job seekers and easier ways for searching available positions.

Tweet My Jobs

Department of Work and Human Resources

Puerto Rico Job Bank

Labor Rights Administration