Dorado Health Village

In May 2019, the construction of Dorado Beach Health was announced, with an investment of

$107 million. The project will have a hospital facility that will raise the standard of care on the Island and increase its potential to become the region's center for medical tourism.

The vision is to create a unique health offering in Puerto Rico with advanced clinical programs; counting on the education and expert consulting of Johns Hopkins Medicine. Both organizations will work together to develop clinical training and educational opportunities for the medical faculty and hospital staff.

With this alliance between SSS, Johns Hopkins Medicine, PRISA Group and Doctors Center Hospitals, some 1,034 jobs will be created during construction, between direct, indirect and induced. This project is scheduled to open in 2021, which would create some 870 jobs during its operation, including direct, indirect and induced. It will have a total of 104 beds that will be divided into 8 intensive care units, 79 private rooms and 15 suites.

Among the specialties, Dorado Beach Health will provide patients with primary family care, intensive emergency, urgent care, vascular surgery, orthopedics and sports medicine, and oncology. In addition, it will provide general and cosmetic surgery services, anti-aging practices, women's health, health and wellness, obstetrics and gynecology; and specialties such as otorhinolaryngology, urology, gastroenterology and lung care, among others. It will also offer most diagnostic tests, including mammograms, primary labs, and radiology. It will be the first hospital in Puerto Rico with all private rooms.

Dorado beach